How to Win 99.7% of Penalty Shootouts on all Football Manager games

Over 5000 FM fans have downloaded our e-book so far and now is your chance to get your hands on the latest version, it guarantees to win you 99.7% of penalty shootouts!! Of course, anyone can cheat to win a penalty shootout by resetting the game thanks to a quick save before the match started but that feels cheap, dirty and not like you have actually won anything, you all know what I mean, but there is a way to make sure you win this situation 99.7% of times (that means you might lose 3 in every 1000 games).


Our e-book guide to winning penalties is exactly the answer, it shows you exactly how to win every penalty shootout, in testing we have won over 99.7% of shootouts and now you can get your hands on this 100% unique guide. It isn’t a cheat, it isn’t editing, it’s a sure-fire strategy that has won us thousands of penalty shootouts in the last decade of Football Manager. The 185th person to download our e-book, Joe ‘Sepherson’ Williams had this to say about it: Hey Danny/FM team,

Sorry to bother you but I wanted to say thanks for publishing this penalties ebook, you don’t know how frustrated FM gets me sometimes, especially penalties, actually punched my screen a few years ago and knocked it off the desk! Lols, mum was not happy. Anyway, in the last week I have had 3 penalty shootouts (I go through seasons mad quick on classic) and have won all of them, I know its a small number so far but I am yet to miss a penalty going on your strategy. Tbh I wasn’t going to buy it as some guy in a forum told me it would be s*** and “couldn’t have any different info in it”. he couldn’t have been more wrong, obviously I won’t tell him that, need to keep my new ‘edge’ a secret. Never lose a penalty shootout again for the price of a ice cream, bargain! money-back-1Thanks guys, would love to see another book!

We are really chuffed with the feedback that we have so far, so we are going to extend the introductory offer on the e-book, for the next 14 days it will be available for £1.99, it really is a bargain and the details in there are 100% unique. We even offer a 60 day money back guarantee (no-one has requested that so far) for anyone who has seen the information contained in the e-book anywhere online. There is loads more info on the e-book here, or you can buy it through Paypal using the button below.