5 things you need to know about Football Manager 2014

The Beta is well and truly bedded in and we are on the verge of having the full game hit our shores but many FM’ers are yet to discover the joys of Football Manager

5 Must-read Football Manger 14 Resources

As FM players and veterans we are all still learning, I constantly read online blogs, forums, ebooks & more and I’m sure you do exactly the same, problem is how do you know where

Football Manager 2014 Wonderkids: 7 Future Superstars For All Premier League Clubs

Wonderkids are for me the best and most enjoyable part of all the Football Manager games in the series and in the 2014 this is no different, in fact I have changed the way

Football Manager 2014 Beta Release: First Impressions

The FM 14 BETA is flying off the shelf and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are now furiously tapping that space bar but what are your first impressions of the game so far?

The 25 Awesome Features SI Should Have Listened To

The last 10 or 11 months has flown by, although pressing the space bar has seemed somewhat of a let down over that period I am massively looking forward to the new release of

FM 2014: The Best of an Expensive Month for gamers

If you’re anything like me an expensive period is on the horizon, October and November are massive months for gamers but hand on heart I am looking forward to Football Manager 2014 the most!

The Best (and worst) New Features for Football Manager 2014

It’s been a long year for us FM fans, many of us were left slightly underwhelmed by the evolution of the game between the 2012 and 13 versions and so nothing comes with more

Can Fantasy Become Reality?

For those of us who suffer an addiction to Football Manager, a condition as incurable as man flu, will know the feeling well.  It is the strange belief that because of your skills on

3550+ Wonderkids & Must Buys for Football Manager 13/14

If you don’t own FM 2013, you will need it for this post to be of use, you can find it here from £10. As FM fans there is one thing we all have

I never realised this was possible – Superstar Invincibles

I’ve been playing football manager for well over a decade, longer than I care to remember but now with the release of the 2014 model, I have some fresh enthusiasm to try out some