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Its not long now until Football Manager 14 will be on our doorstep, on our computers and being the reason behind many relationship breakdowns.

We wanted to explore what could potentially be included on the game, put it one place and hopefully point one of the boys over at SI in this direction, you never know!

No doubt the guys at SI will be doing all kinds of research to see what the loyal gamer like you and me is wanting to see on their beloved games, but I don’t know about you, I have been slightly disappointed by the 2013 and 12 releases, I feel there are a few features that have been ‘overworked’ and some that are completely non-existent.

Anyway, lets be constructive about the forthcoming release (November-ish) of the 2014 version of Football Manager.

My FM 2014 feature wish list

There is soo much that is missing from Football Manager, it could be much more friendly to customisation and I wonder why SI have not made that step yet. For example:

Customisable formations are a must.

Of course you can customise your formations on most if not all previous versions of FM but I mean totally ‘drag and drop’ player formations, where you can create and tweak a players position to match their abilities. For example, we all know Eden Hazard is a great AMC but because his default (bright green) position is AML the only option you really have is to stick him out there on a AP or IF tactic to try and encourage him to come infield and influence the play more. But for me, for my confidence I want to play him slightly narrower than AML, but more wide than left AMC and I think I should be able to do this.

If i remember correctly, one football management game allowed you to do this, can’t remember which, might night even have been FM.

The problems this small adaption would solve for me is endless, 99% of the careers that I start and don’t follow up on is because I don’t have the team to match the formation I want/need to play or vice versa. Sort it out SI.

Re-invest in the game.

Owning and managing a club must be the want of all managers out there and I think enabling this would be an awesome feature for Football Manager 14, let me tell you why and how it could work.

Throughout the game you build up money, no doubt ask for higher and higher salaries from your club for no other reason than personal achievement, why not give us a way to spend this money, invest it, earn dividends from the club we manage etc.

Or even better, after I have taken Arsenal to 10 seasons of unrivalled success, let me resign as boss and use my millions to buy hard-up Northampton Town FC, improve their stadium, inject money in to transfer funds and manage the team myself. Maybe you could just own the other club but keep your Arsenal job until your own team get promotion to a league you want to play in.

Improve the pre-match and half time team talks.

It is soo annoying only being able to use a couple of the ‘multiple options’ to inspire your team, what is even more frustrating is the fact that 9 times out of 10 you are using exactly the same team talk, it just becomes a case of another annoying couple of clicks before you get in to your game.

This is far too one dimensional, even though there are quite a few options most are never used.

For me there is an easy fix, bring across the ‘team meeting’ type arrangement, where you can have a full blown convo with your team about the match ahead, give yourself the chance to correct or try something different if your first approach does not work.

But, also on that note, the team meeting engine is the worst part of Football Manager 13, it never works the way it should, you are nearly always 50/50 with the obvious choice of words working and for some comments, the outcomes make no sense whatsoever.

Decimal places on stats.

Though this, for me anyway, should be a feature that you have to dig for or turn off and on I think it would make great sense to have 1 decimal place on each stat, so you can more accurately gauge the growth of the player. For example finishing doesn’t go from 19-20, it goes to 19.1, 19.2 etc. Of course this would happen at the same/similar speed to the current format but give the manager a far more accurate idea of training success/failings.

Give us a metric to tutor/train harder/more efficiently.

There isn’t many months that go by without getting several million messages from your back room staff that you should be training blah blah to be doing this or putting some regen under the wing of some old player to help his growth. Do we ever really know the success of this?

I can’t imagine it being too difficult for the training report/staff member reasoning to include something like:

Mr Trainer thinks that WIll Hughes will benefit from learning from Frank Lampard, he estimates that this will improve his training success by 6%.


Mr Trainer thinks that Sumyoung Striker will improve his finishing by 10% if he is put on a personal training schedule.

Revive Manager Contract negotiations

This one isn’t my own idea but I loved it so much that I just had to include it on this post, thanks to for letting me use it, you can find his post about his ideal Football Manager 14 wish list here

Manager contracts are very basic in Football Manager 2013. Apart from being able to request your own footballing philosophy, I would love if you could set some minimum requests or demands for accepting a new contract, just like in real life with reference to the Jose Mourinho saga, which is going on these days, for instance:

  • Be able to setup a shopping list of possible transfer targets which you demands that the club approaches to sign before agreeing to a new contract or signing for a new club.
  • Request that the board upgrades youth facilities or other important assets to the facilities for agreeing to a new contract
  • Request that the board makes room for a specific favorite backroom staff of yours. This backroom staff member could exceed the limit set by the board.

What would you like to see in Football Manager 14?

Send us you ideas using the contact form below and we will add them to this list, lets hope SI spot us!



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  • Oludipe Olanrewaju

    How about working on the regens. On the initial database, only Messi and Ronaldo are above 190 PA. After about three years, there about six to seven regen players that have above 190 PA and they develop at young age, from age 19-23. I have a 19 year old player on FM 13 who is almost as good as Fabregas.

    • Danny Chapman

      Couldn’t agree more Oludipe, though with the RTE you wouldn’t know about the PA, I like to play ‘in the dark’ but I do agree there are too many legendary regens after a couple of seasons. For me the game loses its addictivity when I have a team of regens after a few seasons, how would you improve it though? Just numbers?

  • Oludipe Olanrewaju

    BTW, great website.

  • jabb cooper

    well chapper, all i want to say that what you want is mostly they have in FIFA manager. like owning a club. and I know how fun is it, but in real life nobody ever does that (correct me if I’m wrong). so if this happen in fm14 it will surely feel unreal at all. after all we are managing a football club, not our life in the game right? and i know when you play more than one type of football manager simulation, you’ll see the strength of that particular game. so i think fm stick to its root of how they build the game from the first till fm13 and its originality.

    and i agree with you with the team talk situation. definitely need a fix on that. for the decimal places stats and metric to the train/efficiency I guess its not a good idea. well in real life football improvement and how good the player will become didn’t measure by metric. same goes for the FM , the fun is what decision you take that will show the outcome of the player training/efficiency. either it will make them good or backfired to us the coach. if metric number involve, it kinda show you already how to get all good player by increasing it referring to the metric value right? beside it sure spoil the fun when you already know your striker will be very good in advance before you train them. :)

    just opinion.

    • Danny Chapman

      Hi Jabb,
      Thanks for the comment. I do agree with what you say actually and as you say looking at it from another games’ angle, the strength of FM is clear.

      For me, though you are managing a football team not your own life the crossover between the two is consistent of all game, tv, movie and technological advances, think XBOX Kinnect, Smart TV’s and 3D Cinema. They all lean towards a more ‘life-like’ situation as that is more acceptable to the user, rightly or wrongly I think its the right way to go and in this instance would add a new dimension to FM 14.

      I agree with your point on decimal places and actually it gives me another idea, scrap stats completely! Judge a player on form, history, characteristics etc as that would be how a ‘real-life’ manager would di it, right?.

      Thanks Jabb, interesting thoughts!

  • John Wyldbore

    Have to agree with you on that one Chappers, get rid of the stats completely. No manager in real life has these stats, only has his scouts and gut instincts to go on.

  • joakim

    Would be awesome if you could start out as a youth coach for an example, and then work your way up to the first team.

    • Danny Chapman

      Awesome idea, that would certainly enhance your knowledge of the youth team to progress them players further!

  • Dan Heino Rasmussen

    I would like to have 2 division in Denmark too. insted of just Superliga and 1 division. This would be great.

    • Danny Chapman

      Thanks for the comment Dan,

      I don’t know the division well myself but I’m sure SI are looking in to expanding the playable leagues, the total gets bigger every-year so fingers crossed for you Dan!

  • Cj Findlay

    Good post, have to agree with the tactics/formations post. Everybody on the planet wants to play Hazard in the roll you said! You should be able to have a “floating” attacking midfielder as in Hazard or even Bale as he goes all over the place in a sort of free role. Why isn’t free role a position?
    Also think the idea of no stats is brilliant. Half the time you just pick who you would pick nevermind their stats. If they’re form goes tits up you stick in your back up or go looking for a new signing.
    I must say i hope they add to the leagues playable and add the J-League as a must, break the bank SI and get it in. Surely if they could tap into the Japanese market it would be a win win situation!?

    • Danny Chapman

      Thanks CJ, glad you agree!

      Completely with you on the J-League thing and the idea of a ‘free role’ would be awesome, maybe something like what Fifa do, give the players who have the skill to do it an ability to play anywhere (within reason).

      Reckon I will do an article on it! Cheers for the inspiration

      - D -

  • Matthew Budd

    I like all the ideas ESP the one where your earning through your manger career then buy into the club if you want eventually taking majority share running the club and developing it your way trying to lure europes elite to manage, play for your club and building a global empire where you can sign huge sponsor deals or visit Thailand and start fan base making extra revenue as a result ect

  • Matthew Budd

    Like the idea of scraping stats completely as then you can. Trust scout reports and or groom a youngster into the player you need , want talk to him mould him encourage him to train harder why you want him to go on loan to that club what he could achieve and your team vision

    • Danny Chapman

      Spot on Matt!

  • Matthew Budd

    Sure thing I think there’s lots they could do like bring back press conferences but have questions that update with the game like say you have a feud over a transfer with some club then you play them and win/lose the questions come in how you answer starts a rivalry with that manager and builds up like the fergie mouriniho thing or the wenger v fergie that adds extra spice to matcha and press conferences and mayb some challenging questions where you get pressed on the decision you made or going to make

    • Danny Chapman

      Your full of Ideas Matthew!

      Love it.

      I am putting together an ‘Ultimate’ wish list guide today for FM 2014,do you mind If I include some of your ideas on there?

      Alternatively you could contribute your own paragraph or two if you wanted?

  • Matthew Budd

    That’s totally cool Danny il let you have the honours of posting the ideas lol it will sound better prob from you

    • Danny Chapman

      Cheers Matthew, I will quote your name as a thanks!

  • Matthew Budd

    Cheers Danny glad to be a part of hopefully making a better fm

    • Danny Chapman

      Keep your eye out for it this evening!

  • Matthew Budd

    Will do mate

  • Constanza Fernández

    It would be great that the manager could edit his own profile. For example, after being in a club for more than 3 years, I would like to add that club as a Favourite team. The same with the favourite people, hated clubs, where we would like to play in the future, etc.

    • Danny Chapman

      Sounds like a brilliant idea, if players’ change then ours should too right!

  • Graeme

    Hi Danny… I have to say the ‘scrapping of technical stats’ idea is a great one!!! It’s easy to put in one or two high stats on a search when looking for a player and getting what you want… Having to look at a players average rating, goals/key tackles/key passes/passes and assists per game, their age and the teams/leagues they have played in would be much nearer real football management. We would have to learn to use our own common sense and judgement to get the right players in. It would also make me use my scouts more and progress their abilities too or go out searching for better ones…
    It’s a simple, but great idea and would enhance FM massively if done properly – though probably a bit late for FM14 now.

    • Danny Chapman

      Graeme, I love you.

      • Graeme

        Lol… If only I swang that way :-)

  • Atef Ali

    Hi There,
    My suggestion for FM14 is to add an option allow us to edit the managers history, it is important for who used to play the previous FMs versions.

  • mammix

    I would really like to see something more based on the manager’s salary. Right now, basically, it doesn’t matter how much is the manager earning- he can work for charity and still manages to survive without food. Even if a simpliest spend-mode would be created (even something as basic as in New Star Soccer- buy a house/car/go to a casino and loose a bunch of dollars), I would have a feeling that it is more necessary to demand much more money from the club and make it closer to bankrupcy ;)

  • Nikola Dimitrijević

    When each new version of FM is released, first month or two I tend to only play with Editor: creating new nations, new leagues and divisions, creating local clubs and players… and when the work is done, I enjoy playing with my local club from bottom division and my work isn’t done until I win every single trophy there is and my club becomes the richest club in the world…

    So, the things I want to see implemented in new version of FM are mostly Editor-based:

    -the possibility of creating new nations (not just reactivating and renaming defunct nations)

    -possibility of having nations that have their championships, but aren’t members of FIFA (like the ones that compete in VIVA, ELF, or even Island games)

    -more possibilities for divisions and cups (like regional cups where clubs are placed in cups just for being from specific region of the country)

    -regions and sub-regions (for more accurate promotions and relegations between divisions that don’t have the same number of subdivisions between upper and lower tier)

    -possibility to easily change number of teams in qualifications for some international competitions (for example if I create 10 new nations, I would like that all ten nations play the WC qualifiers and that none of the previous nations is left behind)

    -possibility to create supernation leagues (not fantasy leagues, but some kind of local version of Champions League where clubs from neighboring countries would play if for example they win their championship)

    -possibility to design your own logo for club

    -there should be attribute for each club to so you could put the name that club fans use for themselves and it would be nice to put some of the influential fans (like fanclub leaders) as non-playing staff

    -it would be nice to have in each player’s preferences favorite nation, nation in which championship he would like to play (like player would like to play in Spain and if he gets offers from let’s say Betis, Chelsea and Bayern his love for Spain would have impact on his decision to sign for Betis even if the contract isn’t that good as Chelseas and Bayerns is)

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