Football Manager 2014 News – What we know so far

Football Manager 2014 News – What we know so far 4.18/5 (83.53%) 17 votes

With so much hype around what will or will not be included on FM14, the rumour mill is getting as bad as an iPhone release.

So, to help you understand what is real and not real, here is what we know for definite so far from the twitter account of Miles Jacobson who is the ‘Head Honcho’ on FM for Sports Interactive: -

Cross Play

No, not cosplay. Miles has confirmed that as well as being on Mac and Windows, it will also be on Linux.

One price for all 3 – so if you have a Macbook, Windows laptop and Linux desktop (for example) you’ll be able to play the game on each of those machines via Steam.  For the more technically minded, the flavour of Linux we’ll be supporting is Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS)

New Languages

There will be New Languages available within the new game.  So good news if you can speak either Greek or Brazilian Portuguese.  Miles confirmed both languages will be added back in January and March.  This is due to the high amount of sales within Greece and Brazil.

Miles does however like to keep us hanging on with little teasers though like the following tweet he posted: -

“Have just finalised the feature set for FM14 to fit in with this years schedule. Happy. But no, I’m not going to reveal anything yet…”

More Leagues

Nothing is confirmed with regards to what leagues will be new to FM14 but Sports Interactive are on the lookout for Joe Public to work for them in a voluntary role to help them with the updating of Non-league teams.  So with this, could we start to see actual real players with real stats further on down the leagues in tiers 8, 9, 10, etc.  This is something that I am anticipating with bated breath.

Note from the editor: This would be amazing, real grass-roots football.

 A Women’s League

It doesn’t look like this will be included on FM14 or even a separate women’s version of FM14 being released at this present time.

The question was posed to Miles and he responded by saying that until it makes financial sense to do so, it wouldn’t be happening.

Steam Trading Cards

This is a new feature that has already been released on Steam and not just available on FM14.  Steam Trading Cards are collectible cards you get by playing games on Steam. Collect a set of cards to earn items that help you customize your profile and show off your gameplay.

Play as Club Chairman

Despite this being a popular request from you FM’ers out there, this doesn’t look like it will be happening either.

Miles has, and quite rightly, pointed out that the game is called ‘Football Manager’ and not ‘Football Chairman’ – a fair point well made.

He also goes on to say that there will not be the facility to save up your own managers wages in order to be able to buy your own football club within the game.

Despite not being able to do this within Football Manager, maybe there is a gap in the market for SI to create this ‘Football Chairman’ game? – although I wouldn’t visit Paddy Power and placing a bet that it will be anytime soon.


Football Manager 2014 will continue to be available to play through Steam and there are no plans to move away from Steam at any point in the future.

The reason FM is ran through Steam in the first place is to try to cut down on the number of people who illegally downloaded the game.

Since moving over to Steam a couple of years ago, this has been the case so I cannot see them moving away from it anytime soon.

Release Date

Nothing has been decided on a release date yet for FM14 but Miles has confirmed that they are looking at planning the release date at around end of September/beginning of October so keep your eyes peeled for around then.

Note from the editor: I reckon it will be closer to November, but fingers crossed!


Nothing has been confirmed yet but SI are on the lookout for Non-league team researchers.

This could mean that there will be a lot more Non-league teams which can be managed from the off with a full squad of real life players.

Fingers crossed that this becomes a reality as I love managing in the Non-league more than the Premier League.

To keep up to date with FM progress, if you are on Twitter, why not follow Miles @milesSI.  He is being pretty cagey at the moment with regards to new features but come September, I would expect a lot more to be revealed.

In the meantime, keep reading our blogs for all the latest updates and gossip.

If you found this article interesting, why not have a look at another one of our articles listing out our FM14 wish list of new features which we want – some of them are up there with the Hovering Skateboard from Back to the Future!!!

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  • Pascal

    Will it come out on PSP?

    • John Wyldbore

      I have asked Miles your question and he replied: –

      ‘we haven’t announced anything about future Football Manager Handheld releases as yet.’

      So at least he didn’t completely rule this option out like he did with the Womens Football League question so you might be in luck!!

      • Pascal

        I hope so! The good ol’ PSP needs another manager fixation, and lots of people would agree with me. Fifa 14 and PES 14 will come out for it, why not FM?

  • Anton

    I don’t care about new languages and Linux. Where are real game changes?! What took you a year of development? Steam Traiding Cards? :(

    • Danny Chapman


      Couldn’t agree more, maybe they will turn up with something impressive! But probably not.

  • korvgubbe

    I agree that some changes arent good enough, come on the graphics in the game looks like it is from the eighties goddamnit. Fifa 2000 looks better than FM 2013,, not OK. and all the news and media interaction sucks. just annoying and crappy.
    I have played Every CM and FM-game thousands of hours since 96. But things needs to step up now and stop integrating the game to facebook and youtube and shit like that. We want a good game, were not really interested in supporting facebooks world domination. The game should be for the players….


    Was hoping that in Footbalkl Manager Classic we have the option to use fake players similiar to that of the Regular Mode. This helps it become more of a fantasy type game. Also was hoping that FMC will include the MLS Salary Cap and Draft.

  • Puprle

    Should add personal things to the manager, and more dialogs, and a good UI.

  • earlofbrigand

    I couldn’t care less about foreign languages. I’m more bothered by game speed (when processing results) and gameplay aspects. The media interaction is still very samey and it would be good to see that really improved upon.

  • Akis Katsarof

    one thing is important ,VERY IMPORTANT ,THE 3D MATCH ENGINE IF IT IS OK NOT LIK FM2013 WHICH SUCKS . In 2013 the characteristics of players and with that we show in pitch was not the same ,i mean a player with pace and acc 8 and 9 runs like have pace and acc 18-19 !!! MANY BUGS WITH 3D M.E. THE PLAYERS DEFENDING WITH THEIR EYES . 3D M.E. WAS SIMPLE GOOD NOT EXCELENT IN FM 2012 WHICH I M PLAYING (I HAVE ALSO FM 2013 BUT …) . IN FEW WORDS IF THEY DONT MAKE A GOOD 3D M.E. THEY WILL LOSE MANY FOOTBALL MANAGERS(IN FACT CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGERS NOT FOOTBALL MANAGERS IM PLAYING THIS GAME SINCE AMIGA …) . MAKE A GOOD 3D M.E. WE ARE IN 2013 WE ARE NOT 1993 in amiga .

  • Blaz

    Can you ples make an SLOVENIAN language we would be very happy ;)

  • Blaz

    ples just make a slovenian language

  • Diavolo1992

    FM must add more options, when you are talking with someone….it looks awkard sometimes. And game is terrible slow, when processing.

    And for god sake…make FM more real. Some attributes of players looks stupid.

    I dont care about bad graphic, just make game more real and more fun.

  • Mike Roberts

    sorry this game is s***!players attributes mean nothing,play a goalkeeper as a striker he will score as many as most strikers etc etc over rated over priced rehash of a pile of s****!

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