Football Manager 2014: Release Date

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Like most of the recent games, Football Manager 14 is expected to be released in late Autumn.

In recent years the release date for all the Football Managers has usually been the first week in November, with the Beta being available a week or two beforehand. We expect nothing less from Football Manager 2014 but early indications and ‘word’ on the street is that the Beta in 2014 is going to be more of a pre-release than a Beta, only available to a ‘select few million’ who notice it has been release.

It would be nice if FM 14 had some sort of early access for those individuals who have been avid followers, not just the die hard group of ‘testers’ that they use every year, who, in my opinion attempt to make the game less realistic than ever.

It would be easy for SI to do this, especially seeing as their relationship with Steam over the last few releases would surely show those users who have stayed loyal. Get their feedback, it would be far more advantageous to get a real set of eyes on the new Football Manager 14. Please god do not go the same way as Halo 4.

It seems the developers of that game decided to remove all the good things about Halo 3 and add in all the crap things about COD. I am sure they will learn, I hope that SI don’t go the same way.

There is plenty of features that we would like to see on the new Football Manager 14 release, check them out here.

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  • Yousef Naeem Shareef

    When will the android version of the game come out ?

    • Danny Chapman

      Hi Yousef, there is no official news yet unfortunately!

  • Samuel Baldock-Apps

    When it comming out on android

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